Zhenjiang Zhao

Education & Work Experience                                                                    

  • 1986.9 ~ 1990.2     Master,  Northwest University;
  • 1990.2 ~ 2001.7     worked in China Lucky Film Co.;
  • 2001.9 ~ 2004.7    Ph.D. at East China University of Science and Technology; 
  • 2005.9 ~ 2008.7     Post Doctor, Shanghai Jiaotong University;
  • 2004.8 ~ 2010.4     worked in Zannan Pharmaceutical Co.;
  • 2010.5 ~ Present   Shanghai Key Laboratory of New Drug Design of ECUST;

Research Interests                                                                                       

1. Medicinal chemistry, mainly on some enzymes inhibitors R&D.

2. Plant protection, plant activators R&D.

3. Structural optimization and organic synthesis.


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