Li Liu

Education & Work Experience                                                           

2005.09 ~ 2009.06   Bachelor,  Nanjing University Of Finance and Economic;
2009.09 ~ 2012.03   Master,     East China University of Science & Technology;
2012.07 ~ Present    Work in IBM as IT Specialist
Research Interests                                                                                  
1. Two years' experience with C、C++、MPI、GPUï¼ÂˆCUDAï¼Â‰programming, familiar with Oracle, SQL Server database, PL/SQL, T/SQL, linux/unix system, Shell script.
Project experiences                                                                            
1. Accelerating Matrix Inversion using GPU          
Have applied GPU to a large scale of matrix inversion and obtained a high speedup during the first year post-graduate, understood programming skill of CUDA and the theory of GPU parallel architecture, publish a paper in domestic core journals
2.  Accelerating Molecule Simulation Using GPU       
Have applied GPU to normal mode analysis which is the most time-consuming part for calculating free energy sampling in Molecule Simulation and obtained a high speedup during the second year post-graduate, understood the advantage, limitation, scope and performance optimization methods of GPU, published an academic paper in J. Chem. Theory. Comput. which is the top journals in computational and theoretical chemistry field.
3. Accelerating 3D Molecular Similarity Using CPU–GPU Heterogeneous Systems
Have accelerated the 3D molecular similarity calculation using MPI technology in cluster with multi-core CPU, understood the completion of MPI in cluster system and the theory of scoring 3D molecular similarity, implementing Gaussian Volume calculation among molecules using GPU.
Publications                                                                                           1. Liu, L.; Shen, J.; Li, H. L. Performance Testing and Analysis for Matrix Inversion Base on GPU. Journal of East China University of Science and Technology. 2010.36 (6): 812-817.
2. Liu, L.; Liu, X. F.; Li, H. L.Accelerating molecular simulation with Graphics Processing Unit. Yangtze River Delta Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry. 2010.11:42.
3. Liu, L.; Liu, X. F.; Gong, J. Y.; Jiang, H. L.; Li, H. L. Accelerating All-Atom Normal Mode Analysis with Graphics Processing Unit. J. Chem. Theory. Comput. 2011, 7 (6), 1595-1603.


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